The Obama Revolution: Part One of Four – "The Politics of Chaos"

From the very beginning of the Obama administrations run up to the presidency in 2008, a number of strategies/campaigns were initiated and covertly supported, to achieve a convoluted agenda of changing our current form of government from one of a “Constitutional Republic” [ref.], to one of a “Socialist Oligarchy” [ref. ][ref. ], with their own “High Priest” in the top leadership role.

With their kickoff at that time, and continuing to the present day, these strategies/campaigns, have been implemented with a great deal of efficacy, along various lines, through the vigorous efforts of a extremely loyal apostate of all others, with highly suspect backgrounds, as well as motives aside from those which are overtly, and repeatedly, very loudly averred to.

More to the point of the crux of this article, and jumping forward some four years, to May of 2012, Doug Hagmann contributor for the Canada Free Press, submitted an article entitled “The Planned Re-election of Obama, Revolutionary Style” [ref.] Which many, (me included at the time) attributed to just the ranting’s of another “Wacko Conspiracy Theorist”,… but,…

Albeit this is an article, which he wrote, during the run up to the 2012 election cycle, its relevancy becomes quite readily evident, with the advent of current events, and the climate of social unrest around the country. One only has to look at the antics of our government, in its many branches and extensions, our many elected representatives, as well as this administrations “un-appointed czars”, to see that this once thought “Conspiracy Theory” is a lot closer to being based in actual fact than most would have every believed possible.

Hagmann asserts that the Obama administration, has in the past, and is presently using high profile people, and elected representatives, as pawns, to foment a societal/cultural revolution. He goes on to infer that Obama’s supposed cadre of un-appointed czars, are directly, or indirectly involved in a myriad of orchestrations, focused along a three pronged attack strategy of 1.) Creating chaos through racial division, 2.) Creating economic chaos, and 3.) Chaos through class division.

“The Politics of Chaos” in Obama’s America, as this three pronged approach can be called, is Social Engineering (in regards to political science) gone terribly wrong.

Social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence popular attitudes and social behaviors on a large scale, whether by governments, media, or private groups.”

“A social engineer is one who tries to influence popular attitudes, social behaviors, and resource management on a large scale.” [ref.]

Social Engineering is nothing new to this day and time, and has been around for more than a century, being used by a plethora of various sized organizations, and groups, (both private, and public) but has been most efficacious when implemented by large powerful, authoritarian, central governments. (ie: Tsarist Russia, The Third Rich in Germany, The Cultural Revolution in China, & The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia… see a pattern forming here?)

In the case of the Obama administration over the last 6 + years, there is an overabundance of comparisons that one can make with the afore mentioned examples, and their individual methodologies in achieving their end goals thruough the orchestrations of questionably expedient machinations, all focused toward influencing the greater public, ultimately in the direction of a perceived political correctness.

This is not to imply that there is a direct parallel with these other regimes views on genocide, subjugation, ethnic cleansing, etc., yet rather that this administration’s un-appointed czars, have because of their afore mentioned questionable backgrounds, cherry picked techniques that have been tried and proven by these very same regimes to again attempt to repeat history, achieving their end goals,… this time, in a “Community Organizational Manner”.

No matter ones opinion after reading Hagmann’s article, (crackpot, or not) there is enough substantive evidence that is easily referenced, to encourage further investigation, and disclosure… which I will do in these future submissions of “The Obama Revolution”.

“The Obama Revolution – Part 2 of 4: Race Baiting”

“The Obama Revolution – Part 3 of 4: Breaking The Bank”

“The Obama Revolution – Part 4 of 4: Divided We Fall”


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