Ferguson… the Race Baiting Political Ideologues newest sandbox


There are some lines of thought that are gaining a some small bit of momentum across the country, that it is high time the police/feds/national guard gathered in Ferguson MO, to change out the rubber bullets in their guns, for live rounds, and quit playing around!

Although this line of thought, can on the surface, and for the sake of immediacy, seem fairly palatable to some, it is much more likely to incite/add more fuel to the already blazing fire of unrest, than to have any long term positive effect on the outcome of the already intemperate situation.

Other, less incendiary thought lines, that at the same time are gaining a great deal more momentum, are centered around bringing in en-masse, the required forces, (in compliment with those already there) as was done in the Boston marathon bombings, to vigorously root out expose and indict, all of those who are continuing to foment the kind of subversive behavior that has been seen taking place in Ferguson, yet that very few perceive the motivations behind.

Chief among these subversives are, Al Sharpton, and the many other race-baiting bigots, the likes of Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and The New Black Panther Movement, who have held sway on the mundane minds of many in the minority communities for too long, selling their vile mantra of hatred, and division, solely for the purpose of hoping to stay relevant politically, by selling the false narrative that the civil rights movement has had no effect/made no advances, in the plight of Black Americans, as well that this is all the fault of the countries predominantly White American, racist views.

If these fomenting, and inciting actions (those of the above mentioned subversives) had been perpetrated by any others, from another ethnic group, the full weight of the DHS would have already come down upon them, with our entire nations insistence/agreement of being rid of them permanently, the perpetrators would have been made contemptible examples of, along with it being loudly proclaimed that this kind of comportment is not covered by the first amendment of the constitution, and that it will not be tolerated by anyone period.

Sadly, the machination’s of these agitants, have been very successful in not only perpetuating the on going conflict in MO., but also in augmenting the number of supporters of their divisive agenda around the country, with the help of the main stream media, who are scared to death of looking behind the scenes at who it is that is actually pulling the strings, of these famous/infamous/influential individuals as the puppets each one actually is, because of the high probability of being called racists themselves.

These virtually programmed machination’s, of the afore mentioned marionettes, spring from highly focused campaigns at the forefront of a three pronged attack by the Obama administration where they now, as others before have been, are being used as pawns to create political chaos, and distract from that which they (the administration) are really involved in doing behind the scenes. In this present situation in Ferguson, the political chaos is being created through their puppets racially divisive actions, that are meant to distract from other important issues facing the administration, like immigration, the U.S. involvement in conflicts overseas, and the many scandals they are failing to handle effectively… and quite coincidently, this is all taking place at the run up to the Nov. mid-term election cycle.

These assertions can easily be evidenced by the increasing involvement of the federal government, with the strong undercurrent implications that the local and state agencies are either incompetent, or too corrupt to conduct themselves, and the investigation of this shooting incident in a proper manner, so it has become imperative that they step in and take over. All of this intrigue, and these ploys are aimed at keeping the status quo intact, their legacy safeguarded, and their political ideologue allies in power, pure and simple.

The only way to assure that this kind of strategy does not succeed, is to keep tying all of the seemingly disparate data points together in a cohesive picture, and bringing that picture to the attention of as many as possible, as this missive hopefully does.


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