Coincidence or Contrived

I am not one who believes in coincidence, but rather, that things happen, because of other actions, which more times than not, are the manufactured results of long laid plans.  Machinations if you will…,  made by some who lurk in the background, and/or the shadows, manipulating/directing, as if a large orchestra made up of disparate members, all focused on the directors wand.

This having been said…, is why I say it is not coincidence…, or a slow simmering cauldron, which has finally boiled over, that has caused the unrest, protests and rioting, we’ve seen first in Ferguson, and elsewhere across the nation…, now erupting in Baltimore, MA.

It is the lack of leadership, in these communities, and this nation…, as well the unseen agendas of some few, whose Social Engineering goals, are not just contrary to the Constitution many times, but also contrary to the well-being of this nation, and its people as a whole.

As prime example of this assertion, I site…, that it has been over 50 years since we have seen this level of violence, and unrest being fomented in our streets, and across this great nation.  Yet in the short span of a some 6 – 7 years of time, we have seen not just one, or two such instances occur, but dozens across this land…, coincidence…, I think not…, and here is why.

I say this is happening now…, not by accident, or coincidence, but rather by design, during a time, when we as a nation, have our first Black President, the first Black Attorney General, and now it is happening here in this great city run by a Black Mayor, with a Police Dept, that is made up of over 40% Black officers…, and…

This is not about Black communities being put upon…, (though this is the mantra some would have us all believe, b/c even though this may have been true in the past, there has been great strides made to alleviate it, and yes, there is still work yet to be done, and it is being done) and this is not about Police brutality.  (though there are some bad apples that still need to be weeded out, yet overall this is not the norm, as some would have all believe)  This is rather, most definitely about the disintegration of the core family, and the leadership in our communities, and our nation.  (Both the wrong kind, and the lack of it)

I spent yesterday, so pissed off, from what I saw, read, and heard on every news site and station, I turned to…, to the point that I couldn’t even articulate what I felt, (rage, shame, terror, etal) and had to just shut down for the night, and collect my thoughts, else I would find myself only adding to the vitriol, and conjecture of the opportunistic, profiteers, the likes of which we’ve seen in each and every instance, like as this across the nation in recent years.

Over the night, I made a determination to refuse to add-to/inflame like as some I have seen, who have been prone to disjointedly, (in knee jerk fashion) just post, regurgitated news report after news report, along with a few snarky; volatile comments, being obviously swept up in an emotional investment in the situation, with out a forethought, or taking the time to think through what actually is and has been happening…, who is possibly behind it all…, and what/why is their purpose for doing so…, hence this missive in this form now.

I have here above, alluded to behind the scenes machinations, that I’ve written about before, in a previous post about an article in May of 2012, by Doug Hagmann, (contributor for the Canada Free Press) who submitted an article entitled “The Planned Re-election of Obama, Revolutionary Style” [ref.]

This was written in the run up to the 2012 election…, yet…, even though at the time, I myself pretty much discounted it as another ranting, by a “Wacko Conspiracy Theorist”…, I bring it to your attention now/again, b/c I believe what it speaks to, (more and more as time goes on) has merit, as well is very poignant in many ways.

What I propose to you here (and what I have written about before [ref.]) is…

“From the very beginning of the Obama administrations run up to the presidency in 2008, a number of strategies/campaigns were initiated and covertly supported, to achieve a convoluted agenda of changing our current form of government from one of a “Constitutional Republic” [ref.], to one of a “Socialist Oligarchy” [ref. ][ref. ], with their own “High Priest” in the top leadership role.”

”With their kickoff at that time, and continuing to the present day, these strategies/campaigns, have been implemented with a great deal of efficacy, along various lines, through the vigorous efforts of a extremely loyal apostate of all others, with highly suspect backgrounds, as well as motives aside from those which are overtly, and repeatedly, very loudly averred to.”

“Hagmann asserts that the Obama administration, has in the past, and is presently using high profile people, and elected representatives, (events too) as pawns, to foment a societal/cultural revolution. He goes on to infer that Obama’s supposed cadre of un-appointed czars, are directly or indirectly involved in a myriad of orchestrations, and focused along a three pronged attack strategy of 1.)  Creating chaos through racial division, 2.)  Creating economic chaos, and 3.)  Chaos through class division.”

This all with the end goal in sight, of their anointed High Priest, being set to swoop in as a the savior with the panacea held on high, mandating changes in the extreme.

I’m not sure, that I would go as far as some of Hagmann’s assertions, in regards to the establishment of an Oligarchy…, yet…, I do believe that the evidence can readily be seen, (if one was to take the tine to actually look) that what we are seeing currently, is the manifestation/result of those afore mentioned machinations, being implemented in an attempt to establish/irreparably-change in our nation along a perverted and convoluted ideology, not in our best interest as a nation, or a people.

I am sure, in some arenas of our ever dynamic, and uniquely American serial drama, (the rather tumultuous start of the 2016 election cycle) that some are glad for this distraction, in the news cycle focus, by the media, and the nation in general, away from highly inconvenient questions, and accusations.

Even though, the current events unfolding in Baltimore do give those individuals some reprieve so to speak, I do not suggest that we should not be focused on the terrible chaos unfolding currently in this great city, but rather that we should be focused on the Real causes, behind it, not the Contrived ones, the manipulators at large would have us focused on.

This is why I propose, that in parallel with taking a good hard look at these real causes…, that we also look at how our current leadership has brought us to this point…, that we make drastic changes immediately; and as well…, look forward to the future, (2016) by asking ourselves…, do we want this kind of divisive, destructive ideology to continue carrying us down this ruinous path, or do we want to reverse this agenda, and heal our nation, which has been so heinously injured by the contrivances of those who would just as soon see this great nation fall, in pursuit of their ideology.


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