Whats in a word, and what word that comes to mind?

I came across a post on social media today, from a source, which, some don’t care much for, but for better or worse, I’ve found to be fairly accurate, in their postings…., yet…, the accompanying pictures, I think were a bit misleading as to the actual event, they were meant to depict.  (see pictures below)




The event…, the release of a recent Quinnipiac Poll,  (of some 1500 registered voters, from across the spectrum) which asked the sample group, (among other things) to think of one word they felt best described each of the three frontrunner candidates of the upcoming 2016 presidential election cycle.

**Note: This poll, (though I don’t put lots of trust in polls, especially this early in an election cycle) is just chocked full of other very interesting information, concerning all the candidates, from both parties, as well some, who have yet to declare.  Well worth the time to go through it.

I said misleading because, if you compare the pictures with the actual poll results, the most oft used word to describe each of the candidates, [Q-Poll]

) you would find “Liar”, “Arrogant”, and “Bush” at the top of the each ones list, (in order of candidate as depicted above) yet the pictures also give some others preeminence like, “Experience”, “Honest”, and “Dynasty”, (same order as above) as if they were chosen equally as often…, and though interesting, they were not, by a goodly bit in most cases. (excepting maybe Trump, where the top 6 – 8 words chosen, are pretty much evenly picked from between 20 – 58 times)

(see below top 4 words chosen for each, and how many times each)

HRC  –  Liar 178, Dishonest 123, Untrustworthy 93, Experience 82

Trump  –  Arrogant 58,  Blowhard 38, Idiot 35, Businessman 34

Bush  –  Bush 136, Family 70, Honest 53, Weak 45

** Note: For complete list of words chosen at least 5 times, see, lists 16, 18, and 20, starting page 9 of Q-Poll.

Now…, Admittedly, I am a bit anal, when it comes to the order of things, as well, even a perceived misrepresentation of the facts, and I do believe, that words do matter, as do how they are represented, in, or by the media.

Words, and wording is especially important as in the types of questions, that are asked in any information, or opinion poll, because they can be skewed very easily by the mere subjectivity of a question, and how it is asked, or of whom it is asked, where, and when, and even to the time of day the questions are asked.

Although, (as I said before, that I don’t trust polls much when used by pundits this early in an election cycle) the results, of this question alone, (in the Q-Poll) I think are very telling…, mainly because rather than just asking people about the specifics of a candidate’s policies, or platforms. (or hot button issues) this question asked people to think, (ouch, that must have hurt for some) of a very precise one word descriptor for a candidate which forced them to dig down into how they really felt about each one of the candidates.

Matching up those feelings with a word, instead of just saying this candidate is great, and that one sucks…, or as usual for many, answering solely along partisan lines, is a far more difficult proposition in and of itself, than one would think.  Besides the obvious reasoning  that people are just not particularly good, (generally speaking) at putting feelings into words…, I find that all too often, when it comes to politics and choosing who to vote for, most people just don’t think, (having never been taught how to, critically that is) and are woefully uninformed, about the what and why, of voting the way they do.  It does, (more often than not) usually fall along the lines of Partisanship, Family Tradition, Apathy, or a Fear of Change.

The social media post that prompted me to create this little missive, was made by a news network who ostensively was attempting to further the Q-Poll, (or rather, highjack the premise of it, and capitalize on the results they got) asking their followers what words they would use to describe the same candidates.

Now since I’m easy…., (Shhh, don’t tell anyone…, Ha, Ha!) I bit, and decided to play along as follows:

For myself, If I was to pick my own descriptor words for these three, (listed in the same order as above) they would have to be “Criminal”, “Unqualified”, “Legacy-Candidate”, (I guess the last is two words even if hyphenated, but you get the picture) and here below is the reasoning why for my choices in words.

** HRC – Although, she as of yet, has not been indicted on criminal charges, (the optimum word is YET) I do believe she will be in the long run.  This inevitability, in and of itself, should end her run for office, (any office anywhere, even that of the local Dog Catcher) by legally disqualifying her to hold any position of the public trust.

I do think with the distinct possibility of this happening, it will prompt the Clinton machine to seriously think about burying the hatchet that currently exists between the Clintons and Obama, by acquiescing to pressure to drop out of the race, (prior to an indictment of course) and ceding her candidacy to Ole Pervy Uncle Joe Biden, who now of recent days, has the White House’s backing and blessing to take her place.

This I believe would give Hillary, (the Clinton Foundation, Bill, Chelsy, etal) some breathing room, in the eventuality that indictments do come down, giving Hillary an ace up her sleeve, in the manner of a presidential pardon in the offing, from her new Bestie…, Barry O, in who’s best interest it is, to not have Ms. Clinton languishing in prison…, TELLING ALL.

I could go on, and on…, but Hillary is way too easy a target, with far too much evidence mounting against her, and besides, the Q-Pol has so many similar words in their list, which say very much the same about her, it would just be redundant at this point.

** Trump – What can one say…, the Q-Poll is absolutely correct…, he is Arrogant, he is a Blowhard…, but he is also Intemperate, Crude, Abrasive, and a self admittedly a Big Whiner.

Admittedly The Donald is also quite the expert, as a Promoter/Huckster, and Producer of reality shows…, one of which he is quite actively in the midst of producing at the moment, where he is the star attraction, exciting/entertaining thousands around the country every day, who hang on his every nuanced word, just to see what outrageous thing he may spew next…, but last time I checked, being entertaining is not a real resume qualifier for the highest office in the land, and leader of the free world.

You might think that his Intemperance, Crudeness, and his Incessant Whining, would be enough in anyone’s book to say he is unqualified…, and you would be absolutely right.

Because….., Who in their right mind really wants him to be sitting across from the likes of a Putin, or Khomeini, where his pettiness can start a war?  Who could possible think it prudent to have him be the one answering that 3:00 AM phone call from overseas, having his finger on the button, that doesn’t just destroy a person’s career, or business,  but instead, destroys a nation, and it’s peoples…,  just because someone said something to His Whinyness or asked him a question he didn’t think was nice, and fair?  (shades of the Megyn Kelly debacle come to mind)

These thoughts aside though…, there are a number of other reasons, that I do believe more than cause a questioning of his qualifications, as follows:

His far reaching fortune, and holdings, (which in and of themselves are no big thing, since many other current and  past candidates have been quite wealthy) are of much concern.  Frighteningly though, we may never really know for sure, the whole extent of his interests, even though he has supposedly, recently been “Very forthcoming with his complete financial disclosure.”

If, (and I do say IF) he is eventually elected, he would be required by law to put all of it, (his personal financial empire)  into basically what could be considered a conservatorship, where he could not have anything at all to do with any of it, for the entirety of the period of his term in office.  No stock updates, no property transactions, no deals made, no telling someone they need to do X about Y, NO NOTHING!  All would be handled by third party entities, whom he could not know who they were, or would be allowed to influence in any way.  I just  personally don’t see this narcissist, and control freak, complying with the law in this light.

In this alone, could we ever know, (or trust) that any of the decisions he would ever make, were not just in his own best interest, his business(s), or his shareholders, instead of that of the people, and the country first and foremost?

Trump has been living with a silver spoon in his mouth, his entire life, and is used to working the system, taking advantage of and working the rules governing business.  Instead of making those rules, he’s been exploiting them, using loopholes.

Now, he is applying for every successful, or wanna be successful businessmans dream job, where he is the top dog, helping to make those very rules he’s in the past worked to his advantage.  Who again, is to say he would not be making those rules to the advantage of his businesses, his holdings, or his stockholders, instead of the country’s, first and foremost?

People are all the time talking about getting money out of politics…, but this would be like putting Tyson Chicken, in charge of a Free Range Chicken Ranch, managing all the housing, feeding, care of, and harvesting, of  the flock.  Talk about a fox, guarding the hen house!  People already think corporations have far too much influence in our government…, just what do you think would happen with Donny Boy in charge?

I’m thinking we’ve seen enough of that kind of thing in Washington, with the level of influence peddling we already see coming from the current bunch of the so called Professional Political Class…, we don’t need to give carte blanche to someone who self incriminates that he already has done the same on a grand scale, using the existing loopholes to his advantage…, because “Everybody is doing it…, I’m just better at it”

I’m all for someone with a business acumen in office who understands the needs of business instead of what we’ve had of recently…, but we need someone, who is able to understand, and also wants to close those loopholes, not take advantage of them, to the detriment of all others.

Finally, Trump has no apparent comprehension of how our government works, (constitutionally) and unlike, on one of his reality shows…, when coming up against a Mitch McConnell, or a John Boehner, who he finds to be recalcitrant to his way of thinking, and doesn;t fall into lock step with him…, The Donald, can’t just up and Fire him!  He is totally out of his depth in this.

** Note: I might just as easily chosen Criminal for Trump, as I think he is one, that just hasn’t been caught yet, due to being able to work the loopholes.

** Bush – Lets face it…, as nice a guy as he may seem to be, (and I’m sure he is) given his family’s involvement in national politics, he is a Legacy-Candidate, much like when I was in a fraternity in college, (Ha, Ha!…, Yes this old dodger was in a Greek social fraternity) we had younger siblings of active brothers, who when it came time for Rush Season, the kid brothers, didn’t have to go through near the amount of screening, and then hazing, (during pledgeship) that any of the other prospects did…, they were “Legacies”, and untouchable, by anyone.

There are a number of things I could say further about Jeb’s proposed policies, and his platform…, but I’m only explaining the why’s of my descriptors here, besides…,  “Two in a Bush…”, well I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

All in all, I think this poll; and in particular this question was a very good one, that I’d really have liked to have seen expanded to the rest of the candidate field.  The results though, for these three do show proof positive, that not all you see in the other polls, touting this candidate, or that ones ranking, or even how far out in front of their peers they are, is necessarily, what or how people really think and feel…, nor again, necessarily,  how they will be voting, when in the privacy of the voting booth, instead of the circus of a presser, or fundraiser for some smooth talking Snake Oil Salesman.

So now, after all of that…, what are your words, and what do you think of and feel, when looking act these candidates…, or any of them for that matter.

Remember…, one word answers…, then…, go ahead and tell me why you picked that specific word, kinda like i did here.


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