The Seasonal Christians…, and it’s not even Christmas — My take on Pope Frank’s visit, in short…

I don’t know about anyone else, (but I’m sure I’m not alone in this) but I think Pope Franks’s visit, was historical, extraordinary, inspirational, somewhat political…, and just down right Cool, in so many ways…, but…, I’m damn glad to be seeing him go the hell back home to Rome.
150927200625-14-pope-0927-wave-super-169After the first few days of his visit, 635785450346383140-US-Pope-Francis-Aldethe ad nauseum sycophancy set in…, of our leadership falling all over themselves to fawn, and hang on every single nuanced word or action, this simple but exceptional leader, spoke or made…, over analyzing and projecting their own preconceptions, of the meaning of each utterance, or move.

They became so tedious, popein their counterfeit sincerity, as to only be seen as a farcical theatrical performance, where we find these politicians, in the lead rolls, continuously spewing platitudes about God, Love of 150924202010-pope-francis-congress-tears-moos-pkg-erin-00005523-large-169their fellow man, Peace, and Healing…., words and sentiments, they have seldom have ever spoken, (if ever) or ever will again…, I say…, Phhhhrrrrrt!

Pope Frank, (of no fault of his own) to some great extent, became an unwitting Pawn, in a giant Chess Match of Political Maneuvering, and Machinations, coming from all sides, and from the top down…, where the MSM as well, were complicit, (go figure) with their pretty much 24/7 programming of Pope Frank, all day, every day, till wheels up Sunday night, (approx. 8:00 PM) bound for Rome1004084_1280x720


pope-francis-brian-kilmeade-614x412As his visit is now over, and I look back in reflection…, I’m struck with the thought of how…, for all the great things he said and did while he was here…, and all the lives he touched on his trip abroad…, that Pope Frank left the US, (and we’re left feeling) like we just waved goodbye to a beloved family member, who came to visit…, but long overstayed their welcome…, and that we feel a bit conflicted and confused in having that feeling at the same time.

Now…, lets just see, how long it will take, and how fast those self same sycophants, (in Washington, Philly, & NYC) will get back to their SOP of condemning religious stances by Pizza Parlor Owners, Florists, Bakers, and County Clerks…, get back to their Intolerance and Hatred of certain factions…, get back to their favorite agenda of Divisiveness…, instead of healing the wounds, that they themselves, (for the most part) have caused, in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, and NYC.


We my friends…, have just been witness to a huge and classic example of hypocrisy, that can not easily, (if ever) be paralleled…, isn’t it about high time, we took this lesson to heart, and made a definite, and positive change in our leadership, for the preservation of our’s and our kids futures?


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