Spring Cleaning the Cave

Howdy Y’all, Ogg and I have some exciting new news about Cave Drawings 360º.

As many of you know, I started this page a little over three (3) years ago, with high hopes of it becoming an outlet for many of the things I wanted to share online with others. It contained many of my own personal thoughts/beliefs, some funny stories, and some great photography I found in my travels around the internet.

Much to my chagrin though, I must admit that I just didn’t maintain this site like I should have, finding out that to do it justice like I wanted to was a whole lot of work, and it was so much easier to just leave a “Comment” on an already established thread I found on some social media site instead. In other words, I just got lazy…

The problem with the later is though, unlike some, I can’t just sum up the totality of what I have to say, or for that matter what I know about something, in 140 characters or less. Unlike some who that is definitely the complete and total summation of their ability to express themselves… and… not even in complete sentences or thoughts.

Well, as of right now, that’s all going to change…

Ogg and I have done a bit of Spring cleaning here in the Cave, and gotten rid of some of the clutter, so that to begin with we can concentrate on just a few things, and get to doing them very well.

We’ve cut the number of pages down to just two (2) which are the Main/Title Page (Ogg’s Cave) telling everyone what the site is all about, and a second page (Post Cave) which contains the body of all the posts We’ve made in the past.

Also, along the lines of simplification, on the Ogg’s Cave and the Post Cave pages, you will find a side-bar drop down menu, marked Categories, which for now lists a few different types of posts by content types, so you can narrow your search when looking for an article/missive you want to read. More categories will come as we learn and grow.

One of the things that recently inspired me to do this, was a report on one of the daily media outlets I source from, that was all about a young 15 year old East Coast kid, who at the age of 13 had decided to start a weekly “News Letter”.

What his intent was; was an attempt to clear away a lot of the clutter, and extreme bias you always find on pretty much all media outlets, by gleaning through all kinds of sources (much like I do daily) listing those maybe 5 – 6 News Cycle Story-Lines of the week that concern us all in some manner, and, looking for those “Kernels” of verifiable fact common to them all.

His News Letter(s), have sky-rocketed in readership in the last couple of years, even to the end, that the major media outlets look to his missives as substantive sources which can be vetted, and relied upon as “Good References

Ogg and I, are not trying to mirror this kids efforts here, yet, it would seem that there is a great need in this fast paced hustle and bustle in which we live today, for there to be a place(s) where people can go and get, as the famous TV show line goes… “Just The Facts Ma’am… Just The Facts”.

We’re working on several story lines right now, having started this last Sunday the 28th, and hope to have a submission for y’all by this Friday – Saturday at the latest.

Until then, do watch for posts on your favorite Social Media Pages, letting you know we’ve gone to Post…..

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Allen Steiner is a Free Thinking, Independent Constitutional Conservative, Blogger


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